“I believe that what comes from the heart reaches the heart.” 

It’s been three months since activist and spoken word artist, Prince Ea, blew us all away with his powerful video “Dear Future Generations: Sorry.”

If you weren’t one of the 70+ million viewers of the viral video, here’s a quick recap:

In celebration of Earth Day 2015 and to launch the Stand For Trees campaign, Prince Ea shared one of the most powerful and inspiring videos to date about mitigating climate change. In the video, he apologizes to future generations for the harm we have caused our planet and he delivers an incredibly profound and poignant message: we don’t have to accept this future.

The purpose of “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” was to raise awareness about the alarming rates of deforestation and to shed light on the reckless destruction of our environment. And most importantly, to inspire citizens of the world to take IMMEDIATE action to stop climate change by protecting threatened forests through the Stand for Trees campaign.

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Since the launch of the video, Prince Ea has been on an incredible climate action filled journey sharing his message to the world. The positive response to “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” has been beyond amazing. Over 70 million views, 37k tons of credits sold AND millions of people have been exposed to this issue who otherwise may have not been. Here are some of the exciting things Prince Ea has been up to since Earth Day:

Sustainable Brands, San Diego 

In June, Prince Ea spoke at the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego, California about the art of communicating complex ideas simply. He cited the “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” video as a prime example of how to motivate young people to take action in the fight to stop climate change and discussed how brands can reach their audiences more effectively.

Global Green Awards, Los Angeles  

Later in June, Prince Ea was awarded the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award at the Global Green Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, California. He was honored for the “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” video and for helping to engage a new generation in the fight against climate change. Other attendees of the event included Archbishop Desmond Tutu (who also received an award) and Stevie Wonder, among many other environmental luminaries.

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Climate Innovation Day, Paris 

At the end of June, Prince Ea participated in EcoAct’s Climate Innovation Day in Paris, France. Which was an inspiring event discussing the pioneering approaches to disrupt the climate status quo. Prince Ea was invited to speak during a session entitled “Words to change the world” and gave testimony as an artist committed to climate action.

Green Sports Alliance, Chicago

Next up, Prince Ea traveled to Chicago, Illinois to speak at the annual Green Sports Alliance Summit. The summit is the world’s largest and most influential gathering for the sports community to unite around sustainability efforts.

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It’s been quite an amazing few months for Prince Ea and the movement to curb the dangerous effects of climate change. We’re so excited to see the journey he has embarked on since the launch of “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” and we can’t wait to see how his words continue to change the world.