About Us

Protecting Forests, Climate, and WildlifeEmpowering Communities, People, and Investment


Code REDD is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and scale the REDD+ mechanism to realize its full potential to empower people, preserve forests, protect wildlife, and reduce emissions.


We believe humankind must work together, deploying every resource available to meet the climate change challenge including environmental compensation mechanisms. Code REDD is an environmental NGO that advocates for forest conservation through the United Nations envisioned REDD+ mechanism (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). We advocate for the value of forest ecosystems and generate financial support for REDD+ conservation and sustainable development projects around the globe.


  • REDD+ is a verifiable, internationally negotiated framework for forest management as defined by the United Nations.
  • REDD+ integrates sustainable economic development and conservation to empower local and indigenous communities, contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 15.
  • REDD+ is a proven model that is already working NOW, but needs funding to work at scale.
  • REDD+ protects threatened wildlife and preserves biodiversity.
  • REDD+ puts a value on a standing tree to target the underlying drivers of deforestation.


Indigenous and Local Communities: Code REDD Project Code of Conduct

Code REDD’s Code of Conduct prioritizes the rights and roles of indigenous and local communities living in and around project areas. These communities are the first line of defense against the economic incentives driving deforestation in threatened forests. Our project developers work closely with the indigenous and local communities to ensure equitable benefit-sharing.


Businesses are integral to transforming how the world values nature. Companies that support REDD+ projects through carbon footprint compensation recognize the essential role forests play in regulating the global climate, protecting water supply, and preserving biodiversity.


Governments are essential to regulating and managing land use around the world. Political support for sound forest management and commitments to financing sustainable land use through REDD+ is critical.

Private Sector Engagement

Code REDD works to build long-term, sustainable demand for REDD+ Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). To do this, we educate and create awareness of the powerful benefits of REDD+ within the business community.

Code REDD ‘connects-the-dots’ between REDD+ investments and integrated reporting, innovative CSR, and citizenship goals. We work with the private sector to meet the size and scope of deforestation while achieving global emission reductions.

Policy Alignment

Code REDD’s objective to align REDD+ with a national climate movement is a critical element of our work to support comprehensive solutions to the interconnected climate and deforestation crises.

Fundamental to this effort is coordinating and facilitating demonstrated support for REDD+ in California’s climate legislation. Policy solutions are desperately needed to protect the world’s remaining forests while providing low-carbon development opportunities for forest communities.

The REDD+ Community

Code REDD’s ecosystem of stakeholders make up a diverse platform of project developers, NGOs, companies, and multilateral bodies. The community builds collaboration, shared support, and awareness for REDD+ stakeholders.

Code REDD’s platform of supported projects are already in a dozen countries – benefitting over a million rural community members, creating over 1,000 sustainable jobs, preserving over 19.2 million acres of forest, protecting over 90 endangered/threatened species, and reducing 17.3 million metric tonnes of annual CO2e emissions. And these numbers are growing every day.