RMDLT Property Group Ltd. is an international corporation that develops environmental projects that monetize carbon credits, using the REDD+ avoided deforestation methodology and various industry standards.

RMDLT uses the revenue generated by REDD+ activities to create sustainable and regenerative socially responsible businesses in REDD+ project areas. These activities are intended to ensure the preservation of ecological health, biodiversity, and local forests in the area, while supporting and empowering local communities.

In partnership with Brazil AgFor Ltda., we are preventing and avoiding deforestation for over 180,000 hectares of highly threatened tropical forests in the Portel municipality of Brazil’s Para region. Brazil AgFor’s focus is on business and real estate consulting, primarily in agriculture, forestry, and land tenure, making them an ideal Brazilian land management company for our joint activities. Our landmark project is the “Brazilian Rosewood Conservation Project”, which seeks to address all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and to provide education, employment, and sustainable future for all living beings within the project region and beyond.