Stand For Trees

Bringing REDD+ to You

Stand For Trees is a consumer-oriented campaign building a grassroots movement to directly address climate change and deforestation through the power of digital content, social media, and crowd-funding.

Typically, REDD+ credits are only available through corporate arrangements, requiring complicated emission reduction purchase agreements and large purchase volumes. This puts it out of reach of regular people, preventing them from taking advantage of one of the most effective ways of addressing personal carbon footprints.

Stand For Trees was created to change that. The brand and program were designed to enable facilitate easy engagement, awareness, and action by the public, consumers, and businesses. It has proved to be very successful and well suited to product collaborations.

Through its web platform, anyone can buy a 0.5T certificate for as little as $5, corresponding to the tonnes of carbon they have saved by helping to keep their chosen tropical forests standing. This can be motivated by, for example, reducing their own carbon footprint, protecting endangered forests and wildlife, supporting sustainable local livelihoods, and much more.

Stand For Trees is also very active on social media, currently engaging over 100,000 people through in-house and third-party channel-specific content. Our in-house content has been particularly successful: two of our videos (‘Dear Future Generations: Sorry’ and ‘Man Vs. Earth’) have attracted over 130 million views and become viral global hits.