InfiniteEARTH is dedicated to sustainability solutions that go beyond ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘sustainable’.

We are committed to the development of economically viable solutions for climate change and environmental degradation by addressing one of the largest underlying drivers of deforestation: poverty.

InfiniteEARTH projects focus on the preservation of endangered species habitat, High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) Forests, and national parks, through the creation of social and physical buffer zones.

All our projects are designed to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by funding sustainable development in rural communities through capacity building, transfer of low-impact technologies such as solar or fuel-efficient cookstoves, aquaponics, agro-forestry (“jungle crop”) models, and social benefits programs such as health care and early childhood education materials.

The photo on the left comes from the Rimba Raya project, which protects endangered orangutans and their critical habitat in Indonesia.