Press Release : October 2017

Code REDD welcomes new member Carbon Tanzania

Carbon Tanzania is a private developer of REDD+ projects in Tanzania. Founded by Marc Baker and Jo Anderson in 2013. The company currently has one REDD+ project verified since 2013 by The Plan Vivo Standard, the Yaeda Valley REDD Project, which works with Hadza hunter-gatherer communities to protect their ancestral dryland forests in the remote Gideru Hills of Northern Tanzania. Currently developing two new REDD+ projects, one in Makame Community Wildlife Management Area and one in Tanganyika District in Western Tanzania which focus on large landscape conservation outcomes, these projects will bring long-term revenue to local communities to support their land-use decisions that includes protecting large areas of natural forests from illegal immigrant-driven land conversion. The projects aim to deliver development outcomes to these communities such as better access to education and healthcare, as well as working with small scale farmers to improve their yields through modern techniques and climate appropriate crop selection.

Jo AndersonCarbon Tanzania Director, made the following statement in relation to Code REDD ‘As a REDD+ project developer, with two large VCS-CCB projects under development, we are joining Code REDD as it allows us to exchange market and technical insights with other REDD+ professionals, and being part of an organisation dedicated to REDD+’s success will add weight to our own efforts and enhances our representation in areas of legislative and market development that isn’t possible for us to reach always. We are also hoping to participate in Code REDD’s Stand For Trees platform which is a good opportunity to expand the interest in REDD+ and avoided deforestation offsets with the public and consumers.’

Code REDD is a US registered not-for-profit, whose mission is to support and scale the UN REDD+ framework to reach its full potential. Working with REDD+ professionals, policy makers, businesses, finance, NGOs and the public, the organisation is member-focused and delivers a range of programs and work streams which include Stand For Trees and REDD Talks.

Michael RadomirCode REDD Executive Director, made the following statement ‘We are very pleased Carbon Tanzania has joined Code REDD. Our members are our most important focus as well as resource. Their work is well respected as a model of the private sector enhancing the efficiency and delivery of REDD+ to maximize the mitigation, conservation and rural development outcomes of REDD+. In the field in Tanzania, not only are they important partners to the local areas and communities in which they work, but also too with respect to advancing the national REDD+ strategy of Tanzania, which is less developed than in other countries. We look forward both to supporting and learning from them.’

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