APRIL 9, 2014 | Cartagena, Colombia

The REDD+ Talks series has facilitated unparalleled insight, partnership, and action on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation.   By communicating the value of REDD+, this unique series demonstrates multi-stakeholder engagement and commitment to conserving vital tropical forest ecosystems.

REDD+ Talks: Colombia will bring together leading REDD+ practitioners, policy makers, and private sector stakeholders to articulate and advance the role of REDD+ as a global climate change mitigation strategy as well as a means for sustainable economic development, public and private collaboration, and resilient value chains.

Co-presented by the United States Agency for International Development and Code REDD, this dynamic event brings together the multi-stakeholder REDD+ community and creates the opportunity for dynamic dialog and action. Attendees and speakers represent the global business community, governments, indigenous groups, forest communities, civic groups, multilateral institutions, and donor institutions. REDD+ Talks: Colombia aligns REDD+ with private and public sector priorities, and its relevance to global development and corporate sustainability goals.

Visit www.reddtalks.com/colombia for event updates and to request an invitation. You can follow @REDDTalks on Twitter and REDD+ Talks on Facebook for more information.

REDD+ Talks: Colombia is held in advance of USAID and BioREDD+‘s two day workshop on “Innovation in REDD+ Development“. For more information on this event, please see their recent newsletter.