Today the preservation of biodiversity, creation of sustainable economic development for rural communities, and protection of vital forest ecosystems are some of the most important issues facing the extractives industry. Code REDD offers a cutting edge approach to enhancing these complex “above ground” CSR initiatives by connecting socially responsible corporates with high-impact forest conservation projects in sensitive habitats.

Code REDD will be presenting and co-sponsoring at the CSR Extractives Summit in New Orleans from Nov 12-13th. The event will provide a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Code REDD’s ground breaking approach to CSR and receive important information about how to become one of our corporate partners. The event will also serve as an opportunity to network with other key industry professionals.

We’re offering a 20% discount to Rio +20 Summit participants and mining/oil & gas companies interested to learn how they can partner with Code REDD.

To take advantage of your $400 discount simply Register Online using the discount code ‘CODEREDD’ or find more information at