Code REDD Empowering People, Preserving Forests, and Protecting Wildlife / Valparaíso REDD+ Project

Project Brief

Located within the Brazilian state of Acre, the Valparaiso Project preserves 28,096 hectares of pristine tropical rainforest alongside the Valparaiso River and Jurua River in the Amazonian Basin. The project protects one of the world’s most biologically diverse regions while enhancing the quality of life and socio-economic development of local populations. The Valparaiso Project is located in Acre, Brazil and the third project ever in Acre to achieving both validation and verification to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and validation and verification to the Climate, Community, & Biodiversity Alliance (CCB) Standards Second Edition, with Community Gold Level status.

Brazil is home to 14% of the world’s rainforests, but accounts for 40% of global deforestation – making the country a foremost priority for REDD+. Regional studies have shown that the rainforests surrounding the Valparaiso and Jurua River contain some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, and thus the Valparaiso Project is imperative to protecting this region’s species diversity and freshwater networks. The Valparaiso Project protects these remaining forests by making REDD+ a more economically viable option to slash-and-burn agriculture, cattle ranching, and commercial extraction. The project is expected to avoid the emission of 1,538,533 through its first ten years.

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Project Impacts

  • Ecosystem


    Regional studies have demonstrated this project area has some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. The region provides refuge to over 30,000 endemic species of plants and 42 endemic species of animals. The project’s ecoregion has the highest number of both mammal and bird species richness recorded for the Amazonian biogeographic realm - with 257 listed mammal species, 11 endemic mammal species, 782 listed bird species, and 17 endemic bird species.

  • Economic Development

    Economic Development

    The Valparaiso Project will ensure net positive socio-economic benefits for local populations by promoting sustainable agriculture and ranching practices (from rotational cattle pasture techniques to increased agricultural intensification); increasing local community income (through improved market access and shared revenues from carbon finance); and diversifying the local economy (through improved educational access and crop rotations). Local community members are being hired to facilitate communication and transparency in project activity planning and implementation.

  • Community


    Carbon revenue will finance community improvements for local populations. These include the provision of agricultural extension trainings, reforestation of degraded areas, and improving the health center and dental clinic.

  • Emission Reductions

    Emission Reductions

    Through project activities and avoided deforestation, Valparaiso Project is expected to reduce emissions by approximately 153, 853 tonnes per year throughout its first ten years.

  • Education


    This project will fund training and agricultural extension courses for local communities along with the implementation of new education programs.

  • VCS Certification

    VCS Certification

    The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) established a robust quality assurance standard that projects use to quantify greenhouse gases and issue Verified Emission Reduc tions. This is the third REDD+ project within Acre, Brazil to receive validation and verification to the VCS standard. both VCS and CCB certification.

  • CCBA Certification

    CCBA Certification

    The Valparaiso Project achieved Gold Level project design validation in X from the to the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) standard, Edition Y. The CCBA is a partnership of leading NGOs that ensures projects credibly mitigate climate change, contribute to the sustainable development of local communities, and conserve biodiversity.

About the Project Developer

  • CarbonCo, LLC.

    CarbonCo, is the project development arm of the Foundation, a leading North American non-profit in climate change solutions, and an international developer of conservation and carbon credit generation projects. Our mission is simple: to protect large tracts of Amazon Rainforest and its biodiversity while partnering with rural communities to provide substantial economic and community benefits for generations. CarbonCo consists of an expert team of conservation and carbon generation project developers and strategic partners, working with landowners, communities, local governments and other stakeholders to protect the Amazon Rainforest, sensitive habitats, and endangered species while creating payment for ecosystem service opportunities.