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BioCarbon Group

BioCarbon Group is a leading international investor in projects that offer transformational climate, community and sustainability benefits. Investing in land based projects that take pressure off the natural environment is our speciality, from conserving tropical forests, to reforestation, to energy services in developing countries. We partner with companies and organisations at the forefront of environment and carbon markets to create truly sustainable investments and returns for communities as well as shareholders. BioCarbon invests in a global portfolio of projects which are developed with integrity and validated and verified to the highest international standards. Our shareholders include Global Forest Partners LP, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and Macquarie Group.

BioCarbon’s investment in the Brazil Nut Rainforest Community Project brings together hundreds of local families harvesting Brazil nuts in the Peruvian Amazon. Through investment from the project, communities are provided with improved land tenure, nuts can be sustainably harvested, processed and sold directly to international markets, and over 300,000 hectares of threatened valuable rainforest are protected from conversion to ranching and agriculture.