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Allcot Group

Created in 2009, ALLCOT  is a group of companies specializing in end to end sustainability solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We develop, manage and trade in all sectors related with carbon and climate mitigation.

As an experienced forestry project participant, ALLCOT has a preference for forest-based projects as we see the additional value they bring through extensive local community social and economic benefits.

For project development, ALLCOT combines its finance and project development experience with a proven track record in carbon offset trading to maximize the risk-adjusted revenue potential in all of its undertakings.

In June 2014, ALLCOT entered a landmark agreement with Spanish Primera Liga football club, Getafe F.C. Under the terms of this 5 year commitment, Getafe F.C. becomes “one of the leading environmental and socially sustainable first tier clubs in Europe”. Read the press release.

ALLCOT’s innovative approach enables it to develop creative, long-term sustainability partnerships. Clients come from a diversity of commercial sectors and believe in engaging their stakeholders as a strategic business sustainability tool, often choosing forestry credits for offsetting.

Visit ALLCOT’s carbon calculator to learn more about your footprint.