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Aligning Biodiversity Compensation and REDD+

Code REDD and International Union for the Conservation of Nature Netherlands (IUCN NL) have released a review of private sector financing for conservation through REDD+ and biodiversity compensation schemes under no net loss commitments. The full publication and executive summary are available through Code REDD.

Important findings from the paper are as follows:

  • Harmonizing existing REDD+ and biodiversity compensation schemes is technically feasible
  • It is possible to structure integrated REDD+ and biodiversity projects such way that they satisfy the additionality criteria both in case of existing and new projects
  • REDD+ and biodiversity compensation actions will inexorably be linked through scaling jurisdictional and national REDD+ frameworks

Code REDD and IUCN NL welcome comments and look forward to supporting discussions on pathways for aligning REDD+ and biodiversity compensation schemes.